1. Webseries Pick of the Day - EASY ABBY

    Okay I think we have featured a ton of gay themed webseries since the web is a great outlet to showcase series that may not be picked up by major networks or secure funding with a niche market. But that said, some of the series we have featured (The Outs, Eastsiders, Husbands) have had enormous success and could change the way we view content in the future.

    So why not feature another one? This time it is a lesbian themed comedy that will cheer you up through the misfortune of main character Abby. Hey, the best comedy is always a tragedy to the main character - that is what makes us laugh.

    From awkward moments of meeting the girl you had sex with in a port a potty, to overhearing your best friends having a fight over wanting an open relationship, or same port a potty girl showing up at the party you just arrived at - poor Abby is always on the backside of a joke. I am betting she will still sleep with port a potty girl Kelly by the end of episode two. Watch it here!


  2. Webseries Pick of the Day - HARDWIRED

    Everyday, every hour - we depend on technology in one way or another. HardWired a new series from AOL aims to highlight new innovations in the tech market that are changing the way we interact with devices and change our every day routines for the better with the aid of new innovation.

    This week they are heading to the headquarters of Lumoback. An app and physical belt that improves your posture by reminding you through vibration that you are slouching. It can alleviate back pain and ensure that a hunch will not develop permanently in old age.

    The belt is accompanied by an app that shows from sensors on the belt if you are upright and that your spine is straight. This app works for sitting, running, and even lying down. Each week a new technology is featured - check it out and impress your friends with cool innovations.



  3. Webseries Pick of the Day - IN TRANSITION

    I have heard some people say that Margaret Cho cannot tell a joke and that she relies on long drawn out stories about her Korean parents or about shitting herself, but I have to disagree. With her new webseries (created by her) Cho and her hilarious castmates give us a glimpse into the lives of women who are freshly out of the slammer - and still have the chola eyebrows to prove it.

    Obviously the first scene introduces Tonya Kim - who is waiting for a bus back into town from outside her old prison home. We learn she has done a little drugs in her past and even has had a stroke because of it. Uh-oh - she is hearing voices. Can she integrate?

    Well her first stop is the half way house for a cavity check from the transexual warden. In the house she meets her old friends - and they hatch a plan to get some money. This is a crass, raunchy pure comedy that you need to watch!


  4. Webseries Pick of the Day - LEARN GUITAR WITH DAVID BRENT

    If there was ever a polarizing figure in comedy (wait a minute, most comedians are polarizing) it would be RIcky Gervais. He is crude, offensive, arrogant, full of himself and pretty damn ugly as well. However, he can still come up with some astute observations that make you laugh out loud. And he has his own youtube channel (I guess the American television studios just aren’t calling).

    In his exclusive webseries Gervais plays David Brent an incompetent Guitar teacher who swears he isn’t mad (he has known mad people and they are no fun to be around). He really wants you to teach yourself,  ”I’m saying don’t be like me, be like you.”

    So grab your acoustic and learn from David Brent in these instructional videos. Did he just say anal lozenges? Keep watching for his original tune Life On The Road.


  5. Webseries Pick of the Day - KICKING DAN OUT


    We have all lived with roommates who just didn’t mesh with the way we lived and the inevitable break-up is sometimes harder than ending a sexual relationship. My first roommate would eat all of my cheese and sneak into my room and read my journal. So I crafted a fake one outlining my desperate cocaine habit and bondage addiction for which she tearfully confronted me to get some help. She absolutely hated me, but when I told her I was moving out she threatened to throw herself off the balcony.


    Well Dan is one of those roommates, he tries to sleep with your girlfriend, he leaves dead cats sitting on the counter and calls disabled people fuck-ups. But is it Dan’s fault? Is he trying his best and is just blind to his awful ways of treating people?


    My Damn Channel always offers up some of the best comedy webseries and this one does not disappoint. “I’ve been kicked out of four places this year, four, and that’s not even counting the time I got kicked out of Lady Foot Locker for eating a muffin.”

    My Damn Channel will not let me embed the video as usual, so just click on any of the screenshots to get to the episode.


  6. Webseries Pick of the Day - CATHERINE


    Okay, this series is definitely starting off with a baited hook, it is so absurd that you just have to keep watching. I wonder if I am the only one to think the series will end with the plain, doe eyed Catherine massacring her entire office in a stabbing rampage.


    Jenny Slate who I think of as Jean Ralphio’s sister in Parks and Recreation has created this series and she directs as well. One of the top youtube comments is “I feel like they show this to people in jail who are learning english.” - and that is what makes it so creepy, everything is remedial and ordinary, you are just waiting for SOMETHING, ANYTHING to happen.


    This series will either go nowhere at all and that will be its statement, possibly on the absurdity of the dull life and the reality of what it is to live outside the world of manufactured entertainment - or on the other hand we may be reeled in to be completely shocked as the series wears on. I will keep watching just to find out. Watch here!



  7. Webseries Pick of the Day - FAILARMY

    This is a personal favourite of mine, since I like seeing stupid people get injured. This series is like the America’s Funniest Home Videos of the YouTube age - there is a lot more skateboard accidents and “Shit dude, are you okay” type situations.

    Also why do overweight people like to be filmed jumping on trampolines and when did doing front flips off of dumpsters or on the beach become such a fad - I mean everyone is trying these flips, and they never end up looking pretty.

    So this one is for some cheap laughs - to see someone belly flop from a 50 metre cliff or a girl pull the stripper pole right out of her living room ceiling makes you feel a little better about your own stupidity and problems. Watch it here!

    Also there is a beaver attack in the vid below and a chemistry teacher catches on fire and a cameo by a zebra (this series has it all).


  8. Webseries Pick of the Day - TAINTED LOVE

    Alright here is a new comic book style webseries that is generating a ton of buzz for its intuitive design and kick ass hilarious writing. Orlando Jones created and stars in this series - you might remember him from MADTV or as the spokesperson for 7-Up. But it is in this comedy (alongside partner Deanna Russo from another WPOTD “Tainted Love) where he really shines.

    In the first episode it is revealed that Black Barry (Jones) has knocked up his girl Jezebel (Russo). There is only one problem - they are both broke and now have to venture out on a crime spree to make enough money to raise their baby. Rule #1 of robbery: People with minimum wage jobs usually don’t want to be heroes.

    The robbery scene is a must watch as the cashier stands behinds bulletproof glass and films them the entire time with her iPhone. It all goes horribly wrong, but aside from one poorly placed racist joke that didn’t sit well with me, the rest of the scene had me laughing. Check out the first three episodes in the series here. Did I mention Jezebel manages to shoot Barry two times during the episode?


  9. Webseries Pick of the Day - CANDIDLY NICOLE

    I am sure some of you will groan at this selection, but since that show Nicole Richie did with Paris Hilton I have developed a soft spot for her charm and downright hilarious comebacks. She definitely carried that show on her shoulders and has become a respected fashion designer - unlike Paris who has - um - well at least her boyfriend is totally gorgeous.

    Nicole is now doing an exclusive webseries for AOL and today she hits up the flower shop and meets with her FAB-ulous florist who informs her that daisies are the most desperate flower and he wants to gag at the thought of the sunflowers that Nicole keeps stocked in her kitchen.

    Funniest moment of this episode (there are many) is when Nicole finds a vase with a post it note on it that says “Courtney Love” and Nicole says “Is this Courtney Love’s vase, or is she in here? Candidly Nicole is so charming - she may even turn some of her haters. Watch it here!


  10. Webseries Pick of the Day - STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW

    Here is a clever series that also happens to be animated. Join hosts Chuck and Josh to discover how language evolved - and how our anatomy would not even let us speak English and our bodies have changed completely allowing us to develop words.

    Here is one of the theories theories on the evolution of language:

    That we adapted to survive, so we learned how to speak - i.e.: The better the communication the safer and more successful a hunt will be.

    See isn’t fun to learn something? Watch more episodes from Josh and Chuck here and impress your friends with what you now know.